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Tom Clancy’s The Division is Ubisoft Massive’s first foray into the open-world RPG shooter landscape and the company has put a tremendous amount of work into this new franchise. The Division has some huge shoes to fill as the hype for this game started back in 2013 when Ubisoft announced the new title at E3. So does this game, graced with the Tom Clancy pedigree, live up to the expectations? Let’s find out.

First it should be made note of the name itself. Tom Clancy games have been known for realism in the way of how guns shoot, how bullets fly, and the ability to take down enemies with a well placed headshot. Only two of those statements are fulfilled in The Division as Ubisoft said that it’s a RPG first and foremost. After going through the experience of putting multiple clips into enemies and seeing the hit stats bounce off them as bullets registers I can definitely confirm that it is a RPG.

The RPG elements inside of the weapons, armor, gear slots, level systems, and perks is impressive. Early levels are seen reaching for the next level of gear that can increase the impact of Weapon DPS, Health, and Skill Power. Every new piece of gear increases stats in Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics which are the base stats for the total skill numbers.

Increasing the base stats unlocks different talents on guns and most talents are activated when agents reach the higher levels. There is even a ‘recalibration’ feature where players can re-roll stats for armor. This is such a smart feature and once I reached level 30 I found myself at the recalibration station customizing new gear to fit my play style.

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