link The Division closed beta impressions

The Division’s closed beta came and went last weekend and those lucky enough to experience the post-pandemic New York City got a glimpse into what the third-person open-world RPG will offer when it releases early next month.

In just a short time of playing it on the PS4, I found that The Division has a lot going for it with a beautiful world and classic third-person shooting mechanics. But as the game’s release date has been pushed back over the span of two years, there’s still a concern over how the game will look at launch.

The shooter has a lot of promise and the game itself is very solid. With such massive delays over the past two years however, there’s doubt as to how Ubisoft will handle the delivery of the main game and any future content. If it took the publisher this long to deliver the core game, will they be able to release the DLC on time? These are the kinds of questions that the Destiny community is currently going through as players wonder if and when more story content will arrive. Ubisoft needs to be very strong in their communication about content when the game launches in March.

The world that Ubisoft has built is beautiful. The setting of a post-pandemic New York City is showcased in the way signs, service vehicles, and barricades littered the streets. The dynamic weather and night/day cycle are impressive as players are able to experience different weather variations while running the same mission or side quest multiple times. Everything from how bullets impact objects to how posted ads flutter in the wind shows off the detail that Ubisoft Massive has created. There are nooks and crannies all over the map that told mini-stories.

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