link Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege review

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a team game first and foremost. Lone wolves will find themselves quickly overwhelmed and many times end up watching a replay of how the opponent killed them. With such a teamwork focused game, players must pick their Operators in a smart way.

In this latest iteration of the Rainbow Six franchise two things immediately stand out, the unique Operators that players can choose from and the destruction of the world which brings creativity in how players attack or defend an objective.

The ability to blow through walls, ceilings, and floors adds a dynamic experience that most games don’t even come close too. But the actual character models in-game, and the scenery in-game could pass for last generation hardware. Granted, there is a lot of destruction in Siege, but the expectations from a major studio working on next generation hardware is that the game would have more detail in it. Outside of the simplistic visuals, the creativity of destruction and breaching is where this game really shines. The shooting mechanic itself feel sluggish and even though it’s a slow-paced game, there’s still a learning curve to it. The game benefits players who set up at a fixed position and wait, but even for attackers who methodically clear rooms and check objectives, there’s little that can be done when an enemy flanks them.

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