link Call of Duty: Black Ops III review

Since the initial release of Modern Warfare in 2007, Call of Duty has been a franchise Juggernaut. Year after year sales have proven the demand this series has created. Even a three year old game like Black Ops II still has 12 million users per month.

So where does a company take a series that has a yearly release window? Treyarch, the developer behind Black Ops III has gone for refinement over reinvention. The game is smooth, beautiful, tactile, and engaging. It isn’t Battlefield, Destiny, or Counter-Strike, it’s Call of Duty. And it’s the best one yet.

There’s a ton of new content in Black Ops III. The Campaign has online four player co-op, Multiplayer introduces Specialists, and Zombies adds Gobblegums and weapon kits. Gamers who picked up the Day One edition also get Nuketown which is just as fun as in earlier games.

The biggest impact that Black Ops III delivers is in its visuals. Treyarch said they developed Black Ops III fornext generation hardware, and it shows. Character animations are fluid, and in some cases border on realistic. Player movement feels great at 60fps, and the graphics are just stunning.

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