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Every year sports game bring with them the challenge of having to be innovative while still improving over last year’s gameplay and graphics. This year is no different with NBA 2K16 and everything from the top-notch graphics, the updated Defensive AI, and the customization of MyPlayer add up to a complete package.

The graphics and animations in NBA 2K16 are fantastic. From seeing Derek Rose’s jersey bounce as he runs down the court to watching LeBron crash into defenders in the paint, there were a couple moments where I sat back and marveled at how realistic the animations looked. The defense has also been ramped up, and it’s no longer possible for players to juke or spin their way to the rim. It will take more planning and passing to open up scoring lanes in the paint.

There are many different modes in NBA 2K16. The highlight of them are the Play Now Online, MyCareer, and MyPark modes. Play Now Online is a big improvement over previous matchmaking systems where gamers would get matched up against uneven opponents, then get dominated or blown out until somebody quit. Then the winning player would be left to play against the AI for the rest of the game or risk taking a loss by quitting against the computer.

This year NBA 2K16’s Play Now Online mode has different classes so that players are more evenly matched up against each other. The classes range from Freshman to Greatest of All Time and are ranked based on player skill. What’s great about this system is that players know they will be playing games against other players of their skill level. If a player does dominate another player so much that they rage quit, the game stops and the player who didn’t quit is awarded with a win in that class.

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