link Physical video games are a dying breed

Since the launch of Atari forty-three years ago, video games have been limited to the capacity of the delivery media and the distribution of that media to the gamer. With the increase of larger hard drives and faster internet speeds those limitations have been removed. Just like the trend that changed both the music and television industries, physical sales of video games will decline in favor of digital downloads and streaming.

I’m not saying that physical discs will disappear tomorrow, but it can be projected that video games will shift to a more digital focus than its physical counterpart. Just as there was a jump in what was easily downloadable, from the size of a song (4MB) to the size of a TV episode (4GB), there will also be a jump to easily downloading video games (40GB). Ten years ago it was laughable to think that we could stream or download a 4GB episode of a TV show as a main form of entertainment, but now with the influx of internet speeds and the content available through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes, that joke is a reality.

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