link Second Look: Bioshock

Bioshock is one of those classics that should be in every gamer’s catalog. It is, for the uninitiated, a good first person shooter with a great story and amazing atmosphere. In this broken world, 2K Games has been able to showcase the soaring brilliance and haunting pitfalls of a civilization detached from the shackles of society.

Bioshock centers around Rapture, an underwater city that Andrew Ryan built in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Started in the late 1940’s, Rapture was finally completed in the early 1950’s. Before long, scientists in Rapture figured out how to splice genes and augment abilities with the use of plasmids.

Plasmids bring an interesting gameplay dynamic to the combat system of Bioshock. They grant the ability to shoot different types of elements, like electricity or fire, from your fingertips. One second you can freeze an enemy, the next shatter them with a Tommy Gun. There are many different combinations in the game.

The story begins as the main character, Jack, survives an airplane crash in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Luckily Jack is at a beacon, one of the entry points to Rapture. The only way for Jack to survive is to take the automated ferry to the ocean floor. As soon as players arrive in Rapture they realize something terrible has happened. They can see the grandeur of what Andrew Ryan built and glimpses into how it all fell apart.

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